Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

There are many facebook pages. some pages are most Engaging. Justin Bieber has advanced to third place in Facebook page engagment,but even the pop superstar can’t keep up with the rate at which religious pages elicit likes and comments from fans

Facebook most Engaging  Pages are given below:

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 10,793,374 4,654,504
2. Dios Es Bueno 4,924,265 2,072,875
3. Justin Bieber 38,824,512 1,317,489
4. The Bible 8,416,471 1,282,479
5. Mario Teguh 5,289,072 1,217,350
6. Manchester United 21,148,832 842,522
7. Real Madrid C.F. 22,942,488 739,642
8. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,766,845 715,242
9. Terima Kasih Ibu 2,889,659 648,017
10. ILoveAllaah.com 6,680,346 641,240
11. Renuevo de Plenitud 2,867,693 580,105
12. Werevertumorro 3,108,986 577,805
13. Jesus Christ 3,362,080 564,859
14. Kevin Hart 4,240,804 558,561
15. “Pretty Little Liars” 3,422,159 498,527
16. “MTV Roadies” 3,441,267 502,757
17. Im a Muslim & Im Proud 6,684,721 478,410
18. Luciano Huck 4,772,476 434,324
19. We Are All Khaled Said 1,830,154 395,678
20. Texas Hold’em Poker 54,922,534 386,952


Jesus Daily Still far ahead of the competition, Jesus Daily ends in first with 4.6 million interactions. Making a strong case in second engaging over two million likes and comments, Dios Es Bueno is increasing in interactivity.

Found one place behind the text’s previous ranking, The Bible ends in the fourth position after a 1.2 million week. An improving 715,242 total pushes Joyce Meyer Ministries forward to eighth; the non-profit engages 40 percent of their overall audience.

Both Islamic pages endure slowed conversation in the past seven days. ILoveAllaah.com cuts the countdown in half connecting with 641,240 likers. Slipping to 17th, Im a Muslim & Im Proud hears 478,410 voices partaking in the discussion.

With a huge return in 11th, Renuevo de Plenitud sees a 580,105 comeback total. Now in 13th, this main page dedicated to Jesus Christ tallies 564,859 interactions.




manchester facebook pageMatches resuming for European sports are ushering in increased engagement totals for a few of the biggest clubs worldwide. Manchester United leads the trend in sixth; the club sees 842,522 interactions since last week’s rankings. On its heals, Real Madrid C.F. nabs a 739,642 sports talk total.



liars facebook pages

eenage drama unfolds on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” and the show’s typical social media approach invites social networkers to discuss and watch sneak peaks of upcoming episodes. The show places in 15th amassing 498,527 interactions. Just behind, “MTV Roadies”stays put with 502,757 contributions added to the conversation.

Luciano Huck hangs on as a top engaging page after a 434,324 finish places him in 18th.


Freebies continue to play a focal part in Texas Hold’em Poker’s ranking on the countdown; 386,952 social gamers continue to chat.

Readers, where are you chatting on Facebook’s top engaging pages?

If you want to measure interactions on your own page and compare them to others, take a look at AllFacebook Stats, which allows you to track and compare your pages in different dimensions. The tool is available in a free version, along with multiple business packages.


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