Final Cut Pro X Experiencing Backlash From Customers

Final Cut Pro X, the newest version of Apple’s professional video and audio editing software, isn’t getting the warmest of welcomes. In fact, the complaints have spurred Apple to start providing refunds to unhappy customers.

First unveiled in April, Final Cut Pro X was designed as a complete rebuild of the 12-year-old software. New features such as 64-bit support, people and shot-detection, automatic audio cleanup, range-based keywording and color-matching between clips were supposed to make it the most useful version of Final Cut Pro yet.

Unfortunately, Final Cut Pro X hasn’t been as well received as Apple hoped. It lacks support for older file types and much of the interface has changed. Professional video editors with movies to edit aren’t exactly excited to learn the nuances of a radically-altered interface. It also got mocked on Conan.

The result has been mixed reviews, with some professional video editors even giving it a one-star rating, rare for an Apple product. Some are even petitioning Apple to declassify Final Cut Pro X as a product for professionals. One petition has more than 4,500 signatures as of publishing.

In response, Apple is apparently appeasing some unhappy customers with refunds, according to The Next Web. Some have also received thoughtful and apologetic emails with their refunds, while others await a response from the technology giant.

It’s hard to tell what kind of impact this storm will have on Apple and its flagship video editing product, but with some customer switching to Adobe, we suspect the company will act fast. Because all Final Cut Pro X purchases run through the Mac App Store, Apple can quickly deliver updates that could quell Final Cut Pro X’s critics

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