Foursquare Rolls Out Revamped Notification System

foursquare-clingIn an effort to foster deeper engagement beyond the checkin, Foursquare has released a revamped notifications tray.

The new notification system isn’t focused on notifying users about their friends’ checkins, though. Instead, notifications are focused on all the other activity that occurs on Foursquare, including comments, To-Dos and mayorship changes.

The tray works much like the Facebook or Google+ notification system. It provides a feed of what you and your friends are doing in chronological order. The notifications on the Foursquare Android app appear on the top right and increase in number as more notifications.

According to Foursquare, the new notifications tray alerts you to things such as comments on your checkins, new comments on items you’ve commented on, completion of your Tips by your friends, and when you are ousted as mayor. It also lets you know when your Facebook friends join Foursquare, which should make for a much better experience for new users.

The notification tray is launching today on the Android app and on, but should be rolling out to BlackBerry and iPhone users soon. For those of you that don’t like being notified about your friends commenting on your checkin, Foursquare’s new notifications come with customization and muting options.

What do you think of Foursquare’s new notification system? Will it get you to use more of Foursquare’s features?

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