Friendster Transforms Itself Into A Game Portal

Social Networking Game Portal Friendster

Longstanding social networking site Friendster has completed its long-promise to reboot with a focus on social games. The platform is going into action this time using the tagline “living the game” and features several dozen games. Games that include a single-player, multiplayer and, kicking it up a notch or two, flashed-based MMOs. The new game site even offers an API that allows developers to bring their web games over to the network. That means more fun for everyone!

Former “Friendsters” can use their existing accounts to log in, start living the game and connect with friends at the same time. But, don’t be too disappointed when your find out that previous features such as photo sharing and blogs have been deleted. The reboot is going for the games and trying to separate itself from other social networking platforms. Users can also log in using Facebook Connect. They can even invite friends automatically via contact lists on networks that include AOL, Gmail and Yahoo.

Online Game Portal

Friendster has a nostalgic place in social media, being that it originally launched in 2002 as one of the first online social networks. If you are up on the history of social media, you will know that the platform uploaded before Facebook. Friendster matured to a whopping 115 million users by 2008. Most of the users were centered in Southeast Asia. Which explains why the site was sold to an Asian internet payment giant MOL Global in late 2009. Unfortunately, since the purchase Friendster has seen a huge drop in users. It now reports only 5.5 million unique visitors.

The evolution of social media takes some interesting turns, and it will be interesting to see how Friendster fares as a “living the game” site.

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