Full version of ‘I Fucked Up’ from Madonna’s new album MDNA

The controversially titled I Fucked Up seems to tell the story of a relationship gone wrong, another track from the highly-anticipated LP which could be connected to her failed marriage to Guy Richie.

The mellow track begins with a heavy bassline and string arrangements, launching straight into her profanity-ridden lyrics.

Listen Madonna “I Fucked Up” from album MDNA

As the tempo of the tune speeds up her softly sung words get more intense and the 53-year-old begins to speak regretfully of the way the mystery partnership ended.

Madonna "I fucked Up" from album MDNA rapidshare
Madonna “I fucked Up” from album MDNA
She sings: ‘I’m so ashamed you’re in so much pain, I blamed you when things didn’t go my way. If I didn’t you still be here.’Guy Oseary confirmed on Twitter that there will be more clips coming daily until Sunday!
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