Gmail Has Outage Problems

Some Gmail users are having troubles with Google’s email client.

gmail outage problemsThere have been reports that the web app doesn’t load, despite the fact that there aren’t any Internet issues with said users.

Some people are also tweeting about this issue, claiming that the Gmail service is suffering temporary disruption and shows Error 502.

According to Google’s support page, the 502 error code means that the mail is temporary unavailable and these issues generally resolve themselves quickly. They also urge users to have some patience since these type of problems are generally quick to fix.

The outage has also been mentioned on the Google Apps Status Dashboard. The issue’s description says that while some users received the 502 error when logging in, others had latency in accessing their emails.

The problem seems to have been resolved and the service should work for most users shortly, as the Gmail team said.

502 errors usually happen due to poor IP communication between servers. There have been a number of previous occasions when Google users have encountered a similar error, but this seems to be the first time when its has affected a multitude of Google services.

Recently, in April, Gmail and Google Drive was down for sometime.

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