Google Apps users will gain Google+ access

The recent release of Google+ has since launch seen Google Apps users screaming out for access. Now thanks to Google’s president of enterprise, Dave Girouard, we know its coming.

Girouard confirmed via Google+ that the Apps access was in the works:

“Please tell your friends using Google Apps that we’re working to make Google+ available to them. Sorry for the delay – we need to do it right!” read a post on the feed of Christian Oestlian, Google+’s advertising boss.

Google confirms Google Apps users will gain Google+ access

Unfortunately the big G still remains relatively schtum about exactly when or how the access will be implemented. Jeff Huber, Google’s VP of local and commerce has pointed out that the company is in the process of creating business specific profile pages on Google+ but had little to say in the way of a launch date.

According to Ad Age there is currently Google+ business test pages being implemented, with the new service swamped with applications since testing opened on Tuesday. Brands like MTV, Ford Tech and Mashable have all been involved in the test.

In the meantime Google Apps users can enjoy an preview of the inbound update to the service. The new look UI aims to streamline Apps, making them easier to use. Gmail and Calendar are the first to be hit by the update but do thankfully exist as an opt in/opt out basis. Head over to for instructions on how to get hold of the revamped services.

Google Apps powers plentiful businesses around the world and access to Google+ is a logical step forward for the service. It is a paid for setup so many expected to be first in the queue when Google + launched. Good thing then that Google is getting things ready quick sharp. Implementing Apps access would create an all encompassing social network to take on the likes of not only Facebook but LinkedIn.

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