Google Completed Major Reorganization

Major Reorganization NEW YORK — Google CEO Larry Page has promoted six executives to head key parts of the company in one of his first big moves since he took over the Internet search company on Monday. The management reshuffle is an attempt at streamlining a bureaucracy that’s sometimes bogged down Google even as it became the world’s most valuable Internet company.

Page, Google’s 38-year-old co-founder, took over from Eric Schmidt, who is staying on as executive chairman. Page has made it a top priority to cut out the bureaucracy and speed up innovation at Google, which is facing threats from new startups, such as Facebook, Twitter and the online deals company Groupon.

These companies have built their success on “social,” the buzzword that defines the latest generation of Internet icons. Google, whose bread and butter is online search, hasn’t been all that successful in building up the social side of its products.

The six executives, all holding the title of senior vice president, are:

_ Andy Rubin, its top mobile executive;

_ Salar Kamangar, the head of video site YouTube;

_ Sundar Pichai, who’s in charge of the Chrome browser and operating system effort;

_ Alan Eustace, senior vice president for engineering and research;

_ Vic Gundotra, who leads social ventures; and

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