Google Doodle Celebrates Robert Doisneau’s 100th Birthday

Google has celebrated the 1ooth birthday of the French photographer Robert Doisneau on Saturday (today).

Robert Doisneau, a street photographer, was born on 14 April 1912 in Gentilly, a suburb of Paris.

He has also done some post war photography in 1946 during the Second World War. He got many rewards which includes the Balzac Prize in 1986 (Honoré de Balzac), the Kodak Prize in 1947, the Niépce Prize in 1956 (Nicéphore Niépce), the Grand Prix National de la Photographie in 1983.

When he died, aged 81, on April 1, 1994 he left behind an impressive collection of 450,000 negatives. Amongst these where the four photos showcased on the Google doodle.

Robert Doisneau's biography pdf
Google Doodle Celebrates Robert Doisneau’s 100th Birthday

The earliest photograph on the doodle is the 1943 image titled Le Remorqueur du Champ de Mars (Tug on the Champ de Mars) that shows two children playing at Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. One of the kids is riding a bicycle and the other is tugging along on roller skates.

Trois petits enfants blancs, parc Monceau (1971) (Three little white children, Parc Monceau) has the image of a woman (representing the anonymous reader) at the 19th-century French writer Guy de Maupassant’s monument at Parc Monceau, Paris, on the foreground and three kids in white hooded jackets are photographed walking in the background.

The fourth photograph is Le Chien a Roulettes (Dog on Wheels) from 1977. The image shows a dog with wheels attached to its hind legs seemingly waiting on a Paris sidewalk while two woman chat at the entrance of a liquor store.

While all the four photographs are displayed on Google’s search home pages, the Google search engine results pages show a smaller version of the doodle shows only one – Kiss by the Hotel de Ville.

The Robert Doisneau Google doodle is the 1347th Google doodle since the first ever 14 years ago.

Robert Doisneau Google Doodle Youtube Video

Robert Doisneau’s famous photograph

Robert Doisneau’s Quotes

“Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile!” – Robert Doisneau

“Nowadays people’s visual imagination is so much more sophisticated, so much more developed, particularly in young people, that now you can make an image which just slightly suggests something, they can make of it what they will.” – Robert Doisneau – Weekend Guardian (London, April 4, 1992).

“The photographer must be absorbent–like a blotter, allow himself to be permeated by the poetic moment…. His technique should be like an animal function…he should act automatically.” – Robert Doisneau

“If I knew how to take a good photograph, I’d do it every time.” – Robert Doisneau

“ I don’t usually give out advice or recipes, but you must let the person looking at the photograph go some of the way to finishing it. You should offer them a seed that will grow and open up their minds.” – Robert Doisneau

“The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.” – Robert Doisneau – “The Encyclopedia of Photography” (1984)

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