Google doodles Celebrates Julia Child’s 100th birthday Today

Google honored Julia Child on her 100th birthday, an American chef, author, and television personality.

Julia Child Recipes

Happy Birthday Julia Child.

The doodle featured Julia along with a table full of food items like cake, fish and turkey, arranged in a way to form the letters of the Google logo.

Julia Child’s biography

Julia Child is recognised for introducing French cuisine to the American public with her debut cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and her subsequent television programs, the most notable of which was The French Chef, which premiered in 1963.

Julia Child was born in Pasadena, California, in 1913, and her destiny always was in the kitchen. From her special dishes on the PBS shows to her interviews on the talk shows, she was easily identifiable and gave the audience a reason to prepare gourmet dishes without all the trouble.

Child won various Emmy Awards, Daytime Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award as well as a U.S. National Book Award. After the death of her beloved friend Simone Beck, Child retired from active life in June 1992.

On August 13, 2004, Julia Child died of kidney failure at her retirement community home, Casa Dorinda, in Montecito, two days before her 92nd birthday.

Julia Child – boeuf bourguignon recipe video

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