Google+ is multiplying some notification e-mails

Many users of Google’s new Google+ social-networking service, which is still in beta and mostly closed to the public, have been tweeting this afternoon about getting the same e-mail notification multiple times–some as many as 40 times…or more.

“I just got 29 emails telling me that [another user] is following me on google +. What a weird glitch,” writes Twitter user Nolongermusing, whose post was typical of those still streaming in Saturday afternoon.

It’s hard to know just how widespread the glitch is. Google did not immediately respond to an inquiry about the problem. And while droves of Twitter users are talking about the problem, CNET staffers who are trying out the service haven’t experienced the problem.

The Next Web, which appears the first publication to write about the problem, pointed out that it’s even affecting users who have switched off e-mail correspondence in their Google+ settings. TWN points to Twitter user Daniel Obenshain, who said turning off notifications and re-enabling them seems to fix the issue.

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