Googleplus Arrives for Competition to Facebook

GooglePlus first look

Google+ definitely brings a new methodology to the social networking arena. My first thought after taking the tour is the new platform will help me organize my friends and help me find content that interests me. I can take pictures and instantly upload them to my Google+ page, which is better than jumping through the usual technical hoops at Facebook. Right now, Google+ is in its testing phase with limited access, so I look forward to the day when I can sign up.

It is obvious that Google did its homework, but at first viewing the interface looks similar to Facebook. But, when you start using the platform, you will notice the differences. One that stands out, Facebook has you friend everyone together regardless of their connection or disconnection. Whereas with Google+ does a reverse approach, it allows you to create “circles” of friends as categories. You can create one for your business associates, one for family, one for golf group, one for church group and so forth. In this way, you can selectively share events, dates, photos and interests, not just with everyone compared to Facebook. It is noted that Facebook has a custom program to opt-out friends when you share. However, Google+ makes it so easy without any extra steps. Two other features new to the service are Hangouts, a video chat, and Huddle for group chats.

Another interesting approach, Google+ claims better privacy and security compared to Facebook, a hot button for both social networks. With all that you might wonder if Google+ will cause Facebook fans to do an all out switch. According to Google+ representatives, that is not their plan. Google seems to think people will use both platforms.

An interesting aspect to Google+ testing launch, China quickly made it clear that Google+ is blocked from the country.

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