Groupon More Popular by 2 to 1 Margin Over LivingSocial

ForeSee Results released some interesting data regarding he effectiveness of Groupon, Living Social and other “daily deal” programs. The firm conducted a study of over 22,000 online shoppers in the spring, and one subject they explored was the whole daily deal phenomenon, whether or not they brought in new customers, and these services compare with one another.

Highlights of the findings include:

  • Groupon is the most popular daily deal site by a 2 to 1 margin over the next competitor, Living Social (51% of respondents vs. 24%)
  • 47% of Groupon subscribers bought a daily deal, compared to 22% for Living Social and 12% for Google Offers
  • Nearly a third of those redeeming daily deals were new customers. 27% were infrequent customers, while 38% were frequent customers.
  • ForeSee says the main takeaways is: “Daily deals are an effective means to growing your customer base, and Groupon is the best of the bunch so far.”

    The report also included some demographic information. Of Groupon subscribers, 9% are 18-24, 50% are 25-44, 35% are 45-64, and 5% are 65+ according to ForeSee. For LivingSocial, 11% are 18-24, 60% are 25-44, 26% are 45-64, and 3% are 65+. It has Groupon with 37% male and 62% female, and LivingSocial with 36% maile and 63% female. I assume the missing percentages were those who chose not to disclose.

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