How to access Facebook without HTTPS

It can be mentioned that blocking of sites that use HTTPS i.e. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ‘Secure’ is one among of the many unfortunate cases e of better things creating more problem than their ‘good’ versions!

HTTPS came in picture to provide improved and more secure access to websites that contain lot of sensitive data like, bank sites, social networking, email’s etc. Although the transition has been gradual but people are gradually shifting their attention towards this service only, the major reason being that the encryption is much better than what is provided by HTTP.

As their popularity gained momentum, cases regarding blocking of sites accessing the network through https came to light.  The problem can lay in your network i.e. the DNS servers used by your internet providers or your own browser. But one thing we all can agree upon, it is annoying because these are not the sites anyone can ever dream to be blocked.

This problem is causing a lot of unrest among the users of Facebook, since its migration to the “better” routing protocol, if you are one of them, just for you:

Three step method to enable HTTP browsing.

  1. Login to you Facebook account and click on the downward arrow at the top right corner, next to “Home”.
  2. Click on “Account settings” when the page redirects, find the Security settings.
  3. There is an option called “Secure browsing”, click on edit next to it and uncheck it



Although it is highly recommend that such sites which have tons of personal data should not be accessed through http protocols as the level of security is very low and in the era of cyber thefts the probability of data interception is quite high.

How to combat the issue?

  1. Please first check your antivirus systems. Some have been found to block secure sites.  Check these and if that is the case, modify the settings.


  1. If there is a browser issue and its fix on Internet Explorer has yielded some good results. Regsvr32 Initpki.dll, Regsvr32 Dssenh.dll, Regsvr32 Gpkcsp.dll, Regsvr32 Sccbase.dll, Regsvr32 Slbcsp.dll, Regsvr32 Mssip32.dll, Regsvr32 Cryptdlg.dll, Regsvr32 Softpub.DLL, Regsvr32 Wintrust.dll, Regsvr32 Rsaenh.dll. These dll files are required by internet explorer to access secure sites, executing them again, might fix the problem.
  2. If this is also not helping, then it is most probably a problem with your network or proxy reroutes, this problem cannot be dealt of us, the users. It has to be handled by your network provider.

All the best!

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