How to Create Google+ Page????

It has been over 4 months since the release of Google+. And after so long, Google+ for brands has been finally launched by the Google+ Team.

So, if you’re associated with some business or any brands, get started and joing Google+ and create Google+ Pages.

Google+ on previous days had only the capabilities to connect ‘people and people’, but not ‘people and brand’. The search engine giant’s Google Plus is similar to Facebook and which ofcourse is the only competitor of Facebook. And now after the launch of Google+ Pages, the competition will be even more high

How to create a Google+ Page???

With all new Google+ Pages, there comes some new features too which are focused on Google+ Pages. One of them is; Google+ Direct Connect. Its a very simple concept between Google and its social network. What this new feature allows is that now you can directly find Google+ Page through Google Search Engine.

To use Google+ Direct Connect, simple go to Google Search and type ‘+’ followed by the name of brand you want to search on Google+.For example, if you want to search ‘Angry Birds’ Google+ Page, then enter ‘+Angry Birds’ on Google search. This will directly show the link of suitable Google+ Page. Google+ Direct Connect right now is only limited to certain Pages which includes; +Google, +Toyota, +YouTube, etc. But it will be available soon after Google+ Pages starts to build up and gets populated.


And again, the users can use previous features such as Hangouts, Circles, etc. to interact with the Google+ Pages. You can use Hangouts feature with the Google+ Pages and have a enquiry about their products, or anything you want. Hangouts with Google+ pages feature is also a huge advantage over Facebook for Google+ Team. You can add pages to circles of yours; existing or new circles.

But if you’re in doubt how to create a Google+ Page, then here is the complete guide and process to create Google+ Page for brands.

To create, Google+ Page, you can directly go to Or there is now a new link with icon in the Google+ Home page too.

Then you should choose a suitable category from the given choices on the ‘Create a page’ screen.

After choosing the category, you will now be able to fill up a form with page name, website, its privacy, etc. Fill up the form with desired info.

Then click create and you’re done!

Simple, isn’t it?

Meeting and more: Google Plus business features

The Google Plus source code reveals some secrets in terms of new features that might become very interesting for businesses.

Google Meeting: There will be a “business hangout” for meetings that allows companies to organise, record and archive phone, text and video conferences with up to 10 people. Attendants can be invited via Google Calendar, eMail and Google Chat.

Google Screencast: With the Screencast functionality it will be possible to record the computer screen output and to share it with others so that participants can show or demonstrate things on their computer.

Google Whiteboard: The implementation of Google Docs makes it easy to present, create and share documents during a meeting. Meeting attendants will be able to make notes on a virtual “whiteboard” whose content can be shared with others via Google+ or email.

Google endavours to create the ulitmate online tool for meetings. Google meetings could become a powerful alternative to commercial products which allow companies to hold meetings outside of real offices. This could become very interesting and beneficial not only for international businesses that rely on bridging large distances for real life meetings but also for freelancers and employees who work in home offices.

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