How to Disable New Facebook Chat Sidebar

I found Facebook’s chat an intruding feature and I am sure most of you feel the same. After working a bit with extensions and scripts, I have finally found a solution to disable the Facebook sidebar chat permanently. Unfortunately, this method will not work for IE browser since it does not support Greasemonkey scripts as of now. To get rid of the Facebook sidebar chat permanently, just follow the tutorial below.


# Fortunately, if you are a Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome user, this tutorial should work perfectly fine for you. If you are a Firefox user, you will need to install Greasemonkey extension for scripts to be working on your browser. You can find the Greasemonkey extension here. Chrome users do not need to install any extension or add-on on their browsers since Google Chrome supports Greasemonkey scripts directly.

# After you have successfully installed the Greasemonkey extension on Mozilla Firefox, you need to download a userscript -’Facebook Sidebar Chat Revision‘. on your browser and install it using Greasemonkey. Chrome users can install the userscript directly. Download link for both browsers below.

[Download Userscript]

# Once you install it on your favorite browser, you can now navigate to Facebook to check your old chat. You should find your old Facebook chat interface back.

If you are one of those who didn’t like the new Facebook sidebar chat interface, this is the best you can do to get back the old chat interface.

Alternative Method

You just need to install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ extension on your browser. With this extension you can disable the newly introduced Chat Sidebar and return to the old Facebook Chat. Enjoy!

  • Install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ for Chrome from here
  • Install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ for Firefox from here
  • Install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ for Opera from here
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