How to increase your Google Plus Followers

If you like using the Google Plus social network – maybe you would like some tips on how to increase the number of people following you/ adding you to their circles.

1. Find People

– Login to your Google Plus account
– Click on the Circles tab
– Click Find People

Add people who are in your line of work/ industry – they may add you back, interact with you and view your content.

You are also able to import your contact list from Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, your Outlook address book and of course Gmail.

2. Follow Back people who add you to their Circles

Google Plus will show you a notification everytime someone adds you to their circles.

Follow these people back so that you can sustain your Google Plus followers.

3. Share interesting Content

Google Plus is dominated by Web/ Technology/ Marketing people – so submit content that this demographic would find interesting.

Also, GIF animations are popular on Google Plus, so if you have some funny animations – share them.

4. Share your updates with your friends via Email

Your friend may not have signed up to Google Plus, but the system has a feature where you can share your updates to people outside the system via Email.

This is a unique feature Google Plus has, so use it.

5. Comment on other users’ status updates

Comment on updates by other people within your niche (eg social media, digital marketing etc), and also comment on updates from celebrities and popular people on Google Plus.

6. Make your Profile Public

If you feel appropriate, make your profile available to Everyone on the web.

People don’t seem to be sharing lots of personal photos on Google Plus (I don’t), it seems more people are using it to promote and talk about business. Like your LinkedIn profile, make it public.

7. Add Google Plus widgets to your Blog/ Website

Add the Google Plus +1 button to your website (in the future this will impact your SEO) and also add a link to your Google Plus profile.

I hope these tips help grow your Google Plus following – if you have any tips for us, please share.

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