How to Link Twitter Account on Google Plus

If you want to link your twitter account to google plus. Here is how to do it :

Google Plus is right now making waves with its Social Networking capabilities. It contains many features of other social networking portals like Twitter and Facebook. Today in this post I will teach you another tutorial with which you will very easily be able to link your Twitter profile on your Google Plus account.

Before I start with this tutorial let me tell you that this tutorial is not going to be based upon integration of Twitter and Google Plus accounts. The integration is altogether a different topic. It means that you are calling either of the account from another which helps you update status of either of the account from one single source. Like from Google plus to Twitter or from Twitter to Google Plus.

In this tutorial I will be focusing on just linking Twitter profile on Google Plus such that people who visit your profile are able to see and visit your Twitter profile also. So let us start with the tutorial:

After logging into your Google Plus account – Click the Profile icon from the Top Menu

Now click Edit Profile button from the top right side of your screen

Now go on the About Section of your profile

Scroll below and click Links Section that appears on the right side of your screen.

Now click Manage Connected Accounts

A new window will appear – Click Connect an account button and then Select Twitter from the drop down menu.

Now in the Twitter Profile box – just type the name of your Twitter Profile – check the box which says add this link to my public Google Profile and click Add

This is it – you have successfully linked your Twitter profile on your Google+ profile and below is a screenshot of how it will look.

source : web , google, trixya

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