How to make phone calls from Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts let you set up group video chats in seconds, but what happens if you want to invite a friend who isn’t near a computer or a webcam? Until recently, that buddy would’ve been left out — but now you can simply add him or her as a voice-only participant by making a phone call through the Hangout.

Google employee — and inventor of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) — Jarkko Oikarinen announced the new feature in a Google+ post on Thursday. The company stated that the calls from US as well as Canada are provided for free. The company has also announced that the international calling rates will be very low than the users actually expect it to be.

The steps for adding a telephone participant are very easy.  Click Invite at the top of the hangouts with extras window, than Click the Phone tab on the left of the window, and enter the phone number you wish to call.

  • Once the user is in a Hangout, they will be able to see the ‘Invite’ button

  • If the user wants to dial someone, then they will have to click on the ‘Invite’ button

  • After that, the users will have to click on the link that denotes ‘+telephone’

  • Now the users will have to enter the number that they wish to dial

  • After typing the number, users will then have to click on the ‘Add’ button

  • It has to be noted that the users can only call one person at a time, and dialling of a second number will result in the replacement of the existing call

free phone calls from Google+ Hangouts
Make phone calls through Google+ Hangouts
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