How To Manage Our Facebook Timeline and Timeline Privacy?

Lets I talk about How To Prepare Your Facebook  Timeline and how to manage your Facebook timeline privacy.

Now, Facebook  launch Facebook Timeline for all normal user.Normal user doesn’t see Facebook time line directly.We can install Facebooktime line first .lest,talk about how to install  the Facebook time line in your Facebook.first we see the instilled  Facebook  time line users profile.We will see there Get Timeline –Click there.

get facebook timeline

After clicking there the Facebook  timeline has active than we click the public button.lets this button..Your time line is Published after doing this process.

facebook timeline public

Not everybody wants to share their life story on their profile, see their friends’ activities in real time or have their preferencesin music, movies and reading shared as they’re consuming media.Every people wants to manage you privacy.some post,photo are doesn’t want  share to Public.So we can manage it.

Tips to Preparing your Facebook Timeline Profile Before Publishing:

1.Set the Default Privacy for Posts:

When you post an update or link to your Facebook page without customizing the privacy settings for that specific post, Facebook will post the update with the default privacy settings configured for your account.

You can modify the default privacy settings by clicking on the “dropdown arrow” and then “Privacy Settings” at the top right corner of the Facebook screen.

privacy setting

Once at the privacy management screen, you can modify your default post privacy settings in the section labled “Control Your Default Privacy“. You can set your default privacy to public, friends or a custom setting (recommended).


2.Restrict the Visibility of Past Posts:

After writing this post, I discovered another important feature of Facebook Timeline that everyone should take a look at. Because of the way Facebook has implemented Facebook Timeline, a lot of your posts, galleries and comments that were previously only visible to your friends, are now publicly visible to anyone in the world.

3.Customize Facebook Quick Links:

At the top of your new Facebook profile page you will notice some thumbnail image links that allow friends and subscribers to view your pictures, places, likes, friends and information about apps that you use.

If you click on the “drop down arror” to the right of the thumbnails, you can customize which sections you would like to be displayed.

If you use certain Facebook Apps like Spotify and/or Slacker Radio, you can add them to the thumbnail area to allow your friends to see your activity within the particular app. If you don’t want people to easily access the “maps” section of your profile, which displays all the places that friends have “checked you in”, you can remove the thumbnail link altogether by clicking on “pen icon” at the top right of the thumbnail.


4.Set Your Cover photo

Facebook Timeline features a customizable “cover photo” that can be displayed at the top of your page in addition to your profile picture. The cover photo definitely adds some personality to Facebook profiles and allows the user to be creative when selecting an image for their Cover. You can upload an image to use or crop one of your already existing Facebook images.

facebook cover photo

5.Add Life Events and Accomplishments

he goal of Facebook Timeline is to serve as a constantly updated biography of your life. One of the new features available in Timeline is the ability to add events and accomplishments such as getting a new job, getting married, having children or going on a vacation.

To add a lifetime event to your timeline, move your mouse over the vertical line in the middle of your timeline and click the “+ symbol“. You can then choose which type of event your like like to add (work and education, family and relationships, living, health and wellness or milestones and experiences).

You can add photos, tags and/or comments to events you add to your timeline.

Add Life Events and Accomplishments in facebook

Manage Your General Information Privacy :

Go to your Time line and click about your.

about you

After click “about” than you see the this table.

facebook time general information privacy setting

You can see General Information about your in here .We manage our general privacy setting click Edit and edit your information in that time we see  the one kind of button

facebook edit button

If you want to show your  information to all friend click public,you want to share only friend click friend as similarly chose the topic .If you did not share your information you can chose the only me.

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