How to secure your facebook messages inbox?

Several Facebook users have reported receiving personal and suggestive messages in their Facebook Messages inbox.

Here is a sample email:

(Luda, 25yo), I serch for beloved man, are you?
hello again!I am Luda 25 y.oI wish to meet love of my life, are you?Here are my message for you and new photos:
Note!New free service! check info at the site!( to unsubscribe -click link and enter e-mail address.)

The best way to stop this is to modify a privacy setting on Facebook. Set your account so that you can only receive messages from “Friends Only.”

In the top right corner, click <Account> then <Privacy Settings>. Here you will want to look at the “Connecting on Facebook” section at the top of this page. Click on the “View Settings” link. The third item from the top is “Send you messages”. Set this to “Friends Only” or “Friends of Friends”. This will keep spammers and scammers from contacting you via your Facebook inbox.


tips to secure your facebook messages inbox

How to stop personal and suggestive emails from being delivered to your Facebook Messages inbox.

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