How to start a Google+ Hangout on YouTube


The option to start a Google+ Hangout now appears in the bottom of the “Share” menu on YouTube videos.

A Google+ Hangout — a video chat with up to ten participants — can be a great way to watch YouTube videos together with friends who are spread across the world. But what if you don’t feel like heading to the Google+ website every time you want to start a chat like that? Can you kick things off directly from a YouTube clip?


As TechCrunch reports, YouTube has added an extra button to the “Share” menu which pops up underneath video clips — a “Start a Google+ Hangout” button. All you have to do is give that shiny new button a click and select which of your Circles you want to share the Hangout with.

Just try to avoid tricking your friends into watching too many videos of Rick Astley using this method. I suspect they might get tired of it rather quickly.

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