How to Write Popular Blog Posts

We all want more traffic to our blogs, more subscribers, more Facebook likes, bigger email lists – and so on.

Getting more traffic to your blog is no easy task and many bloggers face this challenge every day – struggling to remain relevant and keeping your traffic levels.

Blogging and social media go hand in hand, if you create a popular blog post you can be assured that people will share it on their social networks.

So what are the best ways to write popular blog posts? We’ll explain some ideas that draw in readers and social media sharing.

1. Interviews with your fellow industry professionals (I am hoping to start this soon, want to be interviewed? As long as you have something to say about social media and your business I’d be happy to interview you – contact me).

2. Top 10 lists of something cool in your niche. Eg top 10 Social media sites.

3. Top 100 lists is good as it’s much more detailed and people like reading details and for example a list of Top 100 Social media sites would show readers lots of new sites to learn about.

4. How to articles are always informative and spread well on social networks. People want to share useful their information with their networks.

5. Statistics are popular so people can keep up to date with industry figure. My social media statistics are some of the most popular articles on my site.

6. Video Blog are unique and draw in more unique visitors. Video is still under-utilised and you can benefit a lot from making a week video recap.

So if you can incorporate the above ideas into your regular writing style you will definitely attract new readers and maximise any social media sharing of your articles. Good Luck!


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