HSEB Result Jitters

Well, well, well, here we are. After studying for god-knows-how-many-hours, cramming up all the theories, solving all the numerical problems, and drawing the same figure over and over again, we are finally here. Here, as in, we are in the verge to understand how we’ve performed in our HSEB boards. With the HSEB result 2070 just around the corner, I’m pretty sure everyone is suffering from the “pre-result jitters”, but I assure it’s quite normal to have a few pre-result jitters. I mean, you have invested your two years, your parent’s money and all your hard work to reach to this moment.


While, it’s okay to be tiny bit nervous, it’s a complete no-no to go crazy over the same results. I remember when my results were about to come out, I was well aware of how I did in my examinations and I had a basic understanding of how my results would be. But, when I finally got my results in-hand, I was not as happy with it, for it was nowhere near to what I expected. Therefore, don’t be so very sure of results before they are out. Just, consider other possibilities as well. Also, after I got my results, I didn’t let it belittle me. I didn’t have spectacular percentage, but I didn’t cry over the fact that I couldn’t secure good percentage in my plus two because I knew that I was much more than those numbers written in my report card. And, I believe that you should have the same mind-set before you see your results. Even though your plus two results are important, they don’t necessarily define who you are as a person.

For a few number of people, plus two exams sincerely determine their knowledge and ability, for a very large number of people, plus two exams determine their memory power and for the remaining few, plus two exams fails to determine any of the before-mentioned facts. And it’s very important for you to understand who you are among these categories of students. When you realize where you stand, you will be able to withstand the effect of the result, whatever the result maybe.

So, cling onto those tiny jitters you might be feeling, understand who you are and brace yourself for the HSEB results.

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