Hurricane Irene Video Shock Scam Hits Facebook

A new Facebook scam claims Hurricane Irene New York kills All VIDEO SHOCK in order to lure users to surveys and trick them into spamming their friends.

Scammers don’t miss any chance to make money, even if that means to profit from a natural disaster, a tragic death, a major holiday or some other event of international importance.

Scam Signature Message:

VIDEO SHOCK – Hurricane Irene New York kills All

Per Vedere il video devi prima condividere

Scam Type: Survey Scam, Click-jacking, Like-jacking

Trending: August 2011

 Heres’s an screen-shot of a scam page, which contains “VIDEO SHOCK – Hurricane Irene New York kills All,” displays a clickable image of a fake video player.

The text displayed on the succeeding pages is written in Italian, which suggests that the attack specifically targets Italian users. Clicking the image of the video displays a prompt that says, “Per Vedere il video devi prima condividere,” which translates to “To see the video you must first share,” as well as two options that say “Share” and “See the video.”

Clicking “Share” displays the link to the Facebook page on the user’s wall.

On the other hand, clicking “See the video” displays a list of deals that the user must register to in order to view the video.

If click on the link it will redirect to advertising and affiliate program websites.

This sort of scams have been circulating on Facebook for the past couple of years and despite the company’s best efforts there’s no end in sight for them. If you’ve been hit by a scam like this, remove the messages and likes from your Facebook page – and warn your friends not to click on the offending links.

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