Improving your rank on all search engines

While Google is the undisputed leading search engine worldwide, there are, ofSEO_For_wordpress
course, alternative search engines; the fortunes of the various search engines ebb and
flow with Google maintaining a commanding lead. is a well-regarded
analyst of search engine metric and reports Google’s share of US search queries at
about 64%, Yahoo! at about 17%, and Bing/Microsoft at about 12%. The remaining
field is made up of a handful of third-tier search engines such as, Dogpile.
com, and hundreds of smaller search engines.

So how does one rank for all search engines? The answer is easy; optimize for
Google. Google’s search algorithm is the most advanced, and is certainly the best at
detecting disfavored optimization techniques such as keywords stuffing, paid link
arrangements, and so on. Furthermore, Google’s technology is so dominant that the
other search engines imitate most of Google’s innovations.
And so, if you rank well for Google, you’ll certainly be well-positioned to rank well
in the other search engines. Keep in mind, however, that Google is also the most
responsive search engine: Google crawls (visits) your site more often and indexes
websites faster than the other search engines. So, as you work on optimization, you
might see positive changes in Google rankings in a few weeks, whereas the other
search engines might take months to respond.

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