Invisible Children’s Response Video for Critics

Invisible Children has released a response video to answer critics of their historically popular “Kony 2012video (viewed more than 112 million times in about a week).

Invisible Children came under fire largely for oversimplifying a complex foreign policy decision to physically remove a humanitarian threat, and, to a lesser extent, questionable company expense. In the video below, they explain their motives and respond to criticism.

Invisible Childrens new video
Invisible Childrens Official Response

On Monday ‘Invisible Children’ posted a half-hour film about the rebel leader online, hoping to spark international action. The film about the abuse of children in Africa has been watched more than 50 million times on the internet in four days and almost six million people have tweeted about the campaign using #StopKony.

But now the charity is being criticised for its style of campaigning on the issue and the film has triggered a vigorous online debate about the film’s accuracy.

Much of the criticism focuses on what is being called the group’s oversimplification of a complex region that has experienced fighting and human rights abuses for over 20 years.

Some have criticised the charity’s appeal for further US intervention in securing the arrest of Joseph Kony. And some online critics have accused the organisation of misusing funds and running questionable projects in Africa.

Thank you, KONY 2012 Supporters Youtube Video


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