Iphone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 features comparison

People cannot wait to see the final battle between the best smart phone companies on the market- Apple and Samsung. Samsung Galaxy is already a hit among the customers, but Apple has not said its final words yet. iPhone 5 is on its way to the public, and people wonder what it will look like. There are some leaks, regarding the specifications of the new Apple phone. If we gather them, we could be able to make some comparison between the two phones. Apple is been always a leader in the gadget`s design. iDevices have distinctive outlook and attract people`s attention. Samsung Galaxy 3S has poor design, according to most of the specialists. Image sells, and this could be one of the reasons why the iPhones have so much popularity. One of the advantages of the Samsung phone could be the operating system. Samsung uses variety of system, including Android and Windows. But if Samsung looks more mainstream oriented, buying an Apple product is about joining a specific group of people. Apple have a large number of fans, simply called iFans. Choosing Apple is not only matter of choice, it is classy. Apple has proved its quality throughout the years, relaying on the best manufacturers for the iDevices components. The company has contracted companies like Sony and Samsung to produce the long-awaited iPhone 5. The delays of the iPhone 5 release date did not harm the popularity of the company, on the contrary- it is increasing. Samsung relays on a large number of sales, Apple on the innovative creations. In case you choose an iDevice, you already know that it could be one of the best deals you have ever made. Innovative, nice looking and easy to use- things that explain why people will get in the stores to buy the iPhone 5.


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