iPhone Battery Life Flaw Confirmed By Apple iOS 5 Update To Solve It

slideIf you purchased an iPhone 4S or upgraded your iDevice device to Apple’s recently released iOS 5 software, you might have noticed that your battery life doesn’t last as long as it should. You’re not alone. Others have flocked to the Apple forums to complain about the issue, and numerous bloggers have taken issue with the comparatively short battery life in some iOS 5 devices.

Thankfully, Apple was listening.

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple reported on Wednesday that an Apple rep had acknowledged the battery problem and had even hinted at a fix on the horizon.

Apple sent the same statement to AllThingD but didn’t share an exact date when the iOS 5 update would be available for users to download.

MacRumors, however, notes that Apple also released a beta version of its mobile software to developers. Titled “iOS 5.0.1”, the software will be available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, first- and second-generation iPads, and third- and fourth-generation iPod Touches. According to MacRumors, the update will fix some of users’ biggest problems with devices running iOS 5, including battery life, security issues, voice recognition problems for Australian users and more.

Could the battery drain on the iPhone 4S be caused by a bug in Apple’s iOS 5 operating system? It sure is a popular theory, though Apple hasn’t responded yet.

Basically, this supposed bug is causing the iPhone to repeatedly use your phone’s location services in order to find out whether or not you’ve switched time zones, even if you’re just sitting on the couch (which, let’s face it, you’re usually doing). When I checked my Time Zone settings, my iPhone was indeed currently using my location to ensure that I had not switched time zones in the past 24 hours. Not good, and certainly a potential battery killer, depending on how often this is happening.

To fix this:
1. Touch the “Settings” icon on your home screen (the one with all the gears).
2. Touch the “Location Services” bar.
3. Scroll down to the “System Services” bar at the bottom and click onto that screen.
4. Switch “Setting Time Zone” into the “Off” position. Unless you’re doing some cross-country traveling, it’s not necessary to be on all the time, especially if a bug is causing it to access your GPS several times throughout the day.

While you’re there, you can go ahead and turn off “Location-Based iAds,” unless you like those specific, hyper-local advertisements that pop up when using your favorite free apps. You can also certainly do without “Diagnostics & Usage,” and unless you drive often AND use the traffic function on your Maps app, you can turn off “Traffic” as well.

via:huffington post

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