Is E-Commerce in Nepal Changing the Way You Shop?

The middle class of Nepal is getting more tech-savvy as internet penetration is on the rise. The advancement of internet in the lives of Nepalis has given them an opportunity to explore this platform as a new shopping arena. The ecommerce industry is currently in its initial phase where growth is expected with the increase of online shopping trend in Nepal. There is a wide range of online stores already established consisting of both local and international e-tailers. They are offering high quality and branded products of different categories from clothing, shoes, and electronics to books and jewlery at market rates and somewhere discounted prices. The rise in the development of these online shops is the sign that a large number of target consumer exist as a potential online shopper.


The younger lot is much more addicted to internet with Smartphones and tablets being their necessity. They make the most potential customers for online shopping. Sunita Khadka, a 22 year old girl was looking for a dress for Nepali New Year. The place where she lives is filled with shopping malls and street market but she preferred to buy online due to its convenience and quick shopping experience. According to her, “At the beginning I found it hard to trust online shopping but my circle of friends convinced me to purchase my first product on the internet and I am now addicted to it.” There are various ways through which online shopping is trending.

The exceptional concept of free classifieds has given Nepali shoppers a new online shopping experience. Kaymu is one such amazing website working on this model where buyers meet sellers for both new and used products and services. It provides a common platform and lets local sellers to promote their products online and also make sales. This concept is also popular in second hand market where buyers prefer to buy used products at low prices.

The other place is social media where buyers search for their favorite brands or products or just go to their pages. The sellers display their products and promote on social media however, the sale is made only when the buyer agrees to buy and payment is usually made as cash on delivery. Social media is currently booming with its exquisite user friendly features and is also catering mass market. Thus, it is very much influencing the shopping trend of Nepal.

There are certain web portals playing the role of a mediator, between international sellers and local buyers. The buyer selects the product, register the goods with website, gives order, pays the website and they get the product from international market and deliver to you. This concept has given buyers more options to get quality products from international market instead of relying on local retailers and limit their options.

Online shopping in Nepal is still in its early stages as there is lack of connectivity and trust among people for online shopping. However, the trend is on a growing path as more businesses are getting online and prompting people to buy their products online through various marketing strategies like discounted price, deals etc. Thus the ecommerce industry is playing major role in influencing the shopping behavior of Nepalis.

Guest PostJunaid Ahmad


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