Jackson Fans doubtful of tribute concert

As many of you know, Michael’s longtime friend and manager Frank Dileo had been dealing with serious health issues for the past several months. It is with great sadness that we share with you the news that Frank lost his long struggle this morning and passed away at the age of 63.

Organisers of the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff have insisted fans will all have an equal chance of getting a ticket, following complaints by yourCardiff readers.Global Live Events’ website this morning released further details of the controversial ticketing system which this week sparked anger from Jackson fans across the world.Ticket buyers for the October 8 show at the Welsh capital’s Millennium Stadium were originally told they would also have to make a donation to charity.When the Michael Forever Tribute Concert was announced by some members of the Jackson family on Monday, the official concert website stated: “The more you pledge to charity, the more chance you have of getting a ticket.It says: “We wanted to avoid the usual frantic rush and confusion when tickets for big events go on sale.“We also wanted to stop ticket touts making huge sums of money off the fans. Our system is simple and calm and ensures that those applying to buy tickets have an equal chance of having their tickets reserved for them“When the countdown reaches ZERO you will be able to register your interest on the website. You will enter your contact details, choose your ticket price level and enter a charity pledge.The registration period will last four days to give everyone an opportunity to register.“The charity pledge can be as low as £1, and for the lower price ranges tickets will be allocated by simple ballot at the end of the registration period.“We want everybody to be able to afford to come – even the lowest bidders have an equal chance of purchasing a ticket.”

But it still says the best seats will go to the highest bidders, adding: “At the end of the registration period we will also analyse the pledge amounts and allocate tickets to the more expensive seats to those making the highest pledge.”

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