Jerry Seinfeld Joins Twitter

Jerry Seinfeld is now a member of the Twitterati, sending his first two tweets out this Friday.

The famous comedian and actor has chosen @SeinTime as his new Twitter handle. His first tweet reads, “Greetings Tweetarians! I have just landed on your Planet. This could be my last Tweet.” He followed that up with, “Second Tweet! Am I done yet?”

While the account has not officially been verified by Twitter yet, The New York Times
confirmed with one of Seinfeld’s representatives that @SeinTime is the real deal.

“It’s really Jerry. The day we’ve all been waiting for,” the rep told NYT.

Seinfeld apparently changed his mind about Twitter in recent weeks. In May, he stated that tweeting didn’t interest him. Perhaps his wife, @JessSeinfeld, helped change his mind.

Since joining, Seinfeld has amassed more than 25,000 followers, and that number is quickly growing. He joins a list of other famous comedians to embrace the service, including Conan O’Brien, who has turned himself into the master of the 140-character punchline.


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