Kim Kardashian Buying Home Pregnancy Tests

KimKnewyorkpartymainWe all know Kim Kardashian has been wanting a baby for some time now, but we didn’t know she might pop one out right after the honeymoon!

While on vacation on Italy’s Amalfi Coast a source said he saw Kim buying two home pregnancy tests from the drugstore on her honeymoon, “I saw Kim in the chemist” says the UK traveler using the British term for a drugstore, “She came on her own and bought two pregnancy tests,” says the source.

Kim opens up to this week’s issue of Life & Style about all the Kim K pregnancy rumors. “Am I having a baby? I just got married! Who knows? It’s no secret that I can’t wait to be a mom. Of course I hope it happens soon. I don’t know if I am right now.”

How does she not know if she’s pregnant? You either are or aren’t, get that figured out ASAP, I’m gonna loose my sh-t if Kim appears on an episode of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. Have you seen that show? It’s terrifying, It’s made me afraid to go to the bathroom ever again for fear of finding a baby down there.

However, fear not internet, a source for the Kardashians has confirmed that Kim is “definitely not [pregnant]!”

Actually Kim says she’s only gonna get knocked up if sister Kourtney has another baby too. During her Welcome to New York party last night she told, “Hopefully [we’ll be pregnant] at the same time! That would be ideal!”

What about Khloe? No love for Khloe? Naw, the Kardashians need to space out their pregnancies, they can’t all be doing pregnant endorsements at the same time? Kris Jenner would never allow that.

Kim also talked to MTV when she was backstage at the Video Music Awards this weekend and said if she wasn’t famous she would already have kids by now. “I would be a mom right now for sure [if I wasn’t famous]. I love kids. I would have probably done this a lot sooner.”

Hopefully not too much sooner, I don’t want to imagine a universe where Kim K is famous for starring in the 90’s version of Teen Mom.

For the time being Kim and Kris are just having fun. Having just returned from their honeymoon a source says the couple were very much in love while honeymooning. Despite reports that their honeymoon suite was “ultra-private” on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, somehow there were onlookers.

“They were giggling and splashing like kids,” an onlooker tells Us Weekly, “Kris threw Kim in the pool!”

“Our honeymoon was so perfect!” Kim told US weekly, “We caught up on alone time.”

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