Kourtney Humphries & Kim Kardashian Take New York Season Premiere

s season premiere of E!’s own Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kris Humphries tells Kim Kardashian, “You’re my wife now. It’s going to take a lot to get rid of me,” and it’s just one of many instances where the show acknowledges the fate of the couple’s 72-day marriage. In fact, the show starts off with magazine covers and TV reporters discussing the end of their marriage, before it cuts to eight weeks earlier.

So were the early warning signs showing that early in the marriage? Here our top five moments during the hour-long episode that suggested cracks in Kim and Kris’ union

1. They’ve Never Lived Together: While Kim and Kris started the episode calling each other “husband” and “wifey,” things turned sour when the couple got to New York and officially began living together for the first time. “Kim is a compulsive neat freak,” sister Kourtney says before we learn Kris is a bit of a slob. “When I see a messy room, it literally ruins my day,” Kim stresses. Later in the episode, the couple fights over Kris leaving his clothes on the floor and Kourtney says Kim is acting crazy.

Kris later tells Kourtney that he’s started leaving stuff around their room just to annoy Kim, which Kim does not find amusing. After Scott Disick decides to move out of the apartment the four of them (and baby Mason!) are sharing, Kim asks Kourtney if Kris can have his room. “I can’t live with Kris,” she says. “He’s such a slob.”

2. He Doesn’t Get Along With Kourtney: Kim and Kris were both really excited to live with Kourtney and Scott…before they actually started living with Kourtney and Scott. Kris wasn’t feeling Kourtney’s new holistic lifestyle, but tried to make it work at first. Then Kourtney took it a little too far: Naked. Yoga. In. The. Living. Room. Yes, Kris arrived home from a workout to find a naked man and a few half-naked ladies practicing yoga in the living room. “I can’t live with Kourtney anymore,” Kris tells Kim before offering to pay for her new room. Later, when Kourtney tries to apologize, Kris seems to brush it off before saying, “Thanks, that’s a nice gesture.” But it seems it was a little too late.

3. Or Mason: While Kris starts off the episode saying, “I’m excited to be Mason’s uncle,” he quickly changes his tune when he finds out Mason’s playroom is ten feet outside of his door and the little guy is waking him up earlier than he’d like. “It’s important to me that Kris bonds with Mason,” Kim says. “It’s been a really hard adjustment to be around a baby. He’s going to be a really good dad someday.”

4. They Want Different Things: A welcome to New York party is thrown in Kim and Kris’ honor and they were really excited for it. Or at least Kim is. First, Kris gets annoyed that Kim is taking so long to get ready (he passed the time by cutting Scott’s armpit hair). The tension remains when Kris says he doesn’t want to stay at the party long, because he has to train early. When they arrive, he gets frustrated when he sees how long the pressline is and leaves Kim to do all the press. “It’s so embarassing,” Kim says. Later, when they’re told it’s time to cut their welcoming cake, Kris says, “You care about that. I don’t give a f–k.” A frustrated Kim says, “He’s not even trying to compromise with me.” Kris eventually ends the fight by saying, “I really do love you, though.”

5. He Doesn’t Like New York: In the beginning of the episode, Kris says he usually trains in Los Angeles or Minnesota and admits he’s nervous about keeping up with his workouts in New York. “It’s hard getting adjusted,” he tells his friend Josh. “Everything in New York is screwing me up. I don’t feel like I’m in my training element.” After the naked yoga incident, Kris decided it’s time to make a change. “I love you so much,” he tells his wife before dropping the bomb: He’s leaving New York to continue his training in Minnesota. “It’s just too hard,” he says. Kim admits she’s sad, but says she’ll support Kris’ decisiomn because he’s “really supportive” of her career and wants to do the same for him. “I should definitely be supportive of my husband.” Before he leaves, Kris tucks her in bed like he did when they first started dating and tells Kim he loves her.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Kim and Kris were doomed from the start? Should Kris have stuck it out in New York? [Via :Eonline.com]

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