Kris Humphries Drags Kim Kardashian to Court

It’s war for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian. A new report in Life & Style magazine says he’s so determined to prove to the world that she tricked him into marrying her because she wanted a boost in ratings, that he’s set out to legally destroy her.

Kris wants the divorce to go to court. He’s asking for an annulment of the 72-day marriage on the basis of fraud, while Kim simply wants a divorce.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian divorce
Kris Humphries Drags Kim Kardashian to Court

To substantiate his fraud claims, Kris is ready to take matters in front of a judge, a perspective that’s terrifying Kim because that would mean airing all her dirty laundry in public.

All confidentiality agreements the two signed would become null in front of a judge, under oath, says an unnamed source claiming to be well in the know with the ongoing divorce battle.

In other words, everything that went on between Kim and Kris from the moment they met, said “I Do” and finally decided to call it quits, would be revisited in front of the judge – and inevitably leak to the press.

“When you’re requested to answer under oath, it’s a legal obligation. If he’s asked certain questions, he’ll be compelled to answer,” says the spy.

This also means that Kris would have to go into the specifics of his intimate life with Kim, including details about how many times they had relations during the marriage.

This is precisely what Kim doesn’t want people at home to know: she stopped being intimate with Kris shortly after the wedding, which is, to Kris, the supreme argument that she had planned the marriage to last only 72 days since day one.

“Kim’s freaking out. All of her dirty laundry will be aired and there is a lot to air. Kim is a calculating person who does things to benefit her wallet. That’s her top priority! Everything will come out in court – even their [love] life,” says the insider.

The same report informs that Kris is also going after his ex mother in law in court, Kris Jenner, who is also Kim’s manager.

He believes that Kris might have given Kim preferential treatment even though they were both her clients and should have been treated as equals.

“Life & Style has learned exclusively that Kris is filing suit against his former mother-in-law, citing breach of fiduciary duty,” the celebrity publication writes.

“He thinks that the momager gave special treatment to Kim when she was supposed to be brokering deals for them as a couple, according to an insider,” adds the e-zine.


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