Lady GaGa to make cameo in ‘Men in Black III’ says Will Smith

Some time ago, word had it that Lady Gaga would be making her acting debut in an Amy Winehouse biopic. Turns out her first acting role will be in the upcoming “Men in Black 3.”

The film, which will see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles as the Men in Black, is scheduled for theatrical release on May 25, 2012.

In a recent interview cited by Gather, Will Smith himself reportedly let it slip that Mother Monster, Lady Gaga, would be making a cameo in the film.

Men in Black 3

Will Smith Reveals Lady Gaga Is in Men in Black 3

As if that’s not enough to get fans hyped, he also said that many other stars are also expected to appear in the film.

“We have a couple of celebrity cameos, but I think I can not reveal who they are. We must keep as a surprise that Lady Gaga appears,” Smith is quoted as saying.

Granted, Gaga has never made a secret of wanting to try her hand at acting, but perhaps the Amy Winehouse biopic would have made more sense than “MIB 3.”

“My dream would be to be in a Woody Allen movie,” she once told Ellen DeGeneres when asked if she wanted to cross over and what kind of film she’d like to make if she did get her acting career off the ground.

Then again, the “MIB” franchise could be a start as good as any other, especially considering the kind of star power it packs the third time around.

Besides Smith and Tommy Lee, the upcoming alien film also stars Emma Thompson and Josh Brolin.

Plus, there’s also the chance that Gaga will be playing herself, in which case the cameo can hardly count as “acting.”

However, this is just speculation at this point, since not even Smith’s so-called quote has been confirmed.

If it is and Gaga will indeed be making her acting debut in the film, rest assured you’ll find out about it here.


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