LinkedIn Corporation – Infographic

LinkedIn corporation is an operating an official professional social networking site.
It allows its members create and share their professional identity online. It helps
you to engage with their professional network, share insights and knowledge,
find business opportunities, know about career opportunities, and join industry
groups, research organizations and share information.

LinkedIn API

LinkedIn actually provides two APIs:

The JavaSubscript API is a client library which enables you to build up dynamic
application in the web browser. You use OAuth 2 to become authorized user via
the “Sign In with LinkedIn” button, to access the data’s of LinkedIn with native

The REST API provided by LinkedIn provide you with a simple but consistent
representation of people, companies, jobs, and also represents the interactions
and the relationships between them. Our query language enables you to read
data in XML and JSON at the level of aggression that you choose. Use of OAuth
1.0a to become a authorized user will enable you in making REST API calls using
any programming language.

LinkedIn Milestones and Statistics

• LinkedIn was launched in May 2003 but it was founded by Reid Hoffman in
December 2002.
• In April 2007, LinkedIn boasted to have 10 million active user accounts.
A year later in July 2008, LinkedIn declared to have launched its Spanish-
language version of this popular website, and in February 2009, it launched
its German-language version.
• The site has currently about 100 million users of which 45 million reside in
U.S. and 56 million reside in rest of the world.
• It was ranked 47 in the 50 hottest web properties in December 2010 which
later jumped to 36.

LinkedIn competitors

LinkedIn competitors are those which are involved I Internet publishing,
broadcasting and search portals industry. It has its competitors in the field
of information collection and delivery sectors.
LinkedIn competitors list comprises of:
• Facebook
• Jigsaw Data
• Doostang
• Monster Worldwide
• Ecademy

The list includes many more.

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