List of New Technology Gadgets 2012

new technology 2012Here is the list of recently launched technology gadgets 2012 which will heighten your interests and your technical skills in the very aspect of information technology. Every techno geek would want to show off his newest collection of technology gadgets 2012 has yet to offer.

1. Karotz Smart Rabbit: The long-awaited launch of new tech gadget Karotz Smart Rabbit has finally happened. The robotic companion feature navigation services, makes the daily lifestyles of its users so much more easier and has already been listed as one of the most attractive gadgets which comes under our list of latest technology gadgets 2012 has offered so far.

2. Prime Sense: Enable your video controlling skills by using one of the newest tech gadgets 2012 which offers a motion controlled menu, surf through your channels by simply grabbing on to the screen; the sensors allow motion activities and responses. This gadget already owns its place on our list of latest technology gadgets 2012 editions.

3. Ear Force XP400 and XP300: Turtle Beach introduces the headsets where both models have been customized to provide wireless Bluetooth services, games, audio chat etc. The new technological gadgets deliver a versatile range of convenient assets which consists of rechargeable batteries and new 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi technology.

4. Neat Desk:  This technological device functions as a digital copying machine for business cards and receipts. Neat Company uses software which efficiently maintains an optical character recognition; it even can create a database for your contacts thus placing itself in our list of the newest technology gadgets 2012 has to bring forth.

5. Razer Naga Hex Gaming Mouse: Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse is the latest gaming mouse which features numerous thumb buttons specially designed for multiplayer gaming battles. Its predecessor is Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse which consisted of a 12-button thumb system. This technological gadget maintains six thumb buttons which have been customized to support user interface collaborations. It has automatically like its predecessor gained a spot in our list of the newest technological gadgets 2012 is offering.

6. Blue Can Bluetooth Vibration Speakerphone:  A little smaller than a can of soda, the Blue Can Bluetooth Vibration Speakerphone is one twisted technological gadget which can easily install Bluetooth consisting devices such that your music players can hit off a range of songs at the best modulated volumes to the best it maintains a 360 audio range. Supported by integrated speakers it still allows the users to play, record, pause, rewind their music or their videos etc even while the device charges.

7. Portable DVR: CES brings the latest technology gadget known as the Portable DVR which maintains a base unit that can be charged using the television ports. Record shows, movies etc and the best part is that you can program the set 24 hours before the broadcasting takes place.

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