LOL this girl forgets to turn her cam off: Facebook Scam


Facebook Scams

Scam Signature Message:
this girl will never forget to turn her webcam of again
This girl should have really turned her cam off and not forgot.
We have seen this picture before. It is actually a man’s armpit, and not a woman’s private parts!

Alternate Message:
LOL this girl forgets to turn her cam off!
Trending: June 2011

Why it’s a Scam:


How to deal with Scams?

Clicking on the wall post will take you to a web page titled, “Old Grandma Tasered by Cop!” Various web pages and addresses are likely to be in use.

Clicking the blue play button can click-jack and like-jack your Facebook account. This will cause you to spread the scammer’s message to your friends. The end game is an all too familiar survey scam. Every time someone completes a survey the scammer gets paid. These scams are also known to contain malware, so never complete them.

How to Deal with the Scam:
You need to clean up your Facebook account so you won’t be spamming the same message that tricked you to your friends. Do this by removing the post from your Newsfeed and marking the post as Spam.  Do this by clicking the “x” in the top right hand corner of the post.

Never complete surveys to unlock videos or other content on Facebook. Scammers use these tricks to either spread malware, obtain personal identification or earn commissions from marketing companies. Don’t pad their pocket and possibly open yourself up to harm!

Some of the surveys require you to download files to your computer. Never do this! If you did so in error, then run a complete system scan with a good anti-virus software program. The I.Q. Quiz scam has been around for a while, and it typically requires you to enter your cell phone number to receive the results. The scammers then bill you  for premium services. Keep an eye on your phone bill for bogus charges. Thanks for sharing with friends.

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