London 2012 Olympics: music in opening and closing ceremonies will be pre-recorded

Olympic organisers are facing criticism after it emerged that the majority of music at the opening and closing ceremonies, including that of big-name bands, will be pre-recorded.

The bands will sing over vocal and instrumental tracks that are pre-recorded in a studio ahead of the highly-anticipated shows at the Olympic Stadium.

Some of the biggest names in British music, including Led Zeppelin, Elton Jon, Sir Paul McCartney and The Clash, have been unofficially linked to the Games.

While the Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols say they will not appear during the July 27-August 12 Games, organisers admit participating acts will sing over vocal and instrumental tracks pre-recorded in a studio.

The London Olympic organising committee claims lip synching is necessary because of the “complexities” of the show, the shape of the stadium and the unreliable British weather.

London 2012 Olympics highlights video
London 2012 Olympics

“Due to the complexity involved, it’s just not possible for the music in all the shows to be live,” Locog said.

“There will be live musical elements but many of the songs will be recorded in advance. This is standard practice for an event of this scale.”


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