London 2012 Shot Put Google Doodle

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London Olympic 2012 Eighth Google Doodle: Shot Put

The London 2012 shot put doodle is the eight London 2012 doodle posted by Google on its home page.

The London 2012 shot put shows a shut putter ready for his throw. The Google logo appears in the horizon.

There are shot puts events for both men and women in the Olympics. The qualification round and the final for men’s shot put will take place on August 3 at the Olympic Stadium. The women’s events are slated for August 6.

Each athlete receives three throws in the qualifying round. All who achieve the qualifying distance progress to the final. If less than twelve athletes achieve this mark, then the twelve furthest throwing athletes reach the final. Each finalist is allowed three throws in last round, with the top eight athletes after that point being given three further attempts.

The world record in men’s shot put is 23.12 metres and 22.63 metres in women’s shot put, whereas the Olympic records stand at 22.47 for men and 22.41 for women.

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London Olympic 2012 Shot Put Schedule and Results

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