Madonna Halftime Show: Super Bowl Performance Glitters In Gold (Video)

The 53-year-old legend took the biggest stage in the world, the 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show, and brought the house down. She dressed to impress, sporting a gold headdress, black thigh-high boots, a youthful pleated miniskirt, a black sequined robe and gold cheerleader pom-poms (not all at once, of course)



We died, obviously, to see that the opening number was “Vogue,” featuring dozens of Vogue covers lit up across the stage.

Appropriately, Madonna didn’t skimp on the high fashion, trotting around the multi-level stage in Givenchy Couture and Bulgari with little helpers M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj wearing Erickson Beamon headpieces. Her black liquid eyeliner looks flawless and her blonde waves were perfectly in place.

But despite the expensive threads, Madonna was her old self: turning cartwheels, showing off her bejeweled panties, writhing on the ground before Cee-Lo Green (in head-to-toe black sequins, natch) and making us all forget there was even a football game in session.

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Madonna Halftime Show: Super Bowl Performance Glitters In Gold (Video)

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