Madonna’s 24-Year-Old Boyfriend Brahim Zaibat Proposes

QUEEN of Pop Madonna may be about to wed again after her toyboy Brahim Zaibat reportedly proposed to her.

The The Sun claims to have it on good authority that Brahim popped the question to the singer almost 3 weeks ago and, while she didn’t say “yes,” she didn’t say “no” either.

Since then, she’s been turning this over and over in her head, considering the option of actually getting married again, even if, after the rather nasty split from Guy Ritchie, she promised herself she would never make the same mistake again.

Brahim Zaibat and Madonna Photo
Brahim Zaibat and Madonna

“The 53-year-old singer is ‘making up her mind’ after dancer Brahim Zaibat popped the question at a Kabbalah center in New York three weeks ago. Twice-married Madonna, who kicks off a new world tour in May, has told 24-year-old Brahim that she needs more time to think about his proposal,” The Mail reports.

She loves spending time with Brahim and she certainly sees herself by his side for at least a few more years, but she’s not certain whether marriage is the right step, a source who claims to be well in the know says for the British tabloid.

If anything, Madonna does not want to rush into marriage in the spur of the moment.

“Brahim asked Madonna to marry him at the center a few weeks ago, but Madonna hasn’t given him an answer yet. She doesn’t want to rush into anything. She is very happy with Brahim, although her friends are not sure she is ready for marriage again,” the insider explains.

“That said, Madonna has a real fear of being on her own. It’s a major issue for her, and she loves having a man in her life who is young and makes her feel young,” adds the tab.

As per the same report, Madonna has already met Brahim’s family. His mother, who is actually younger than the singer, told the press a while back that she still couldn’t believe who his girlfriend was.

At the same time, reports in the press claim that Brahim’s mother, a Muslim who lives in France, is none too happy about his son’s spending so much time with Madonna at the Kabbalah Center.


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