Material Design Lite AngularJS Admin Dashboard Template

Material Lite – MDL with AngularJS Admin Dashboard Template

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Material Lite is an Admin Template based on AngularJS with MDL (Material Design Lite by Google). Google released their own Material Design front-end framework with components for you to use. Based on this framework we’ve created a beautiful Admin Dashboard for rapid development of your APP with MDL.

Some unique features in Material Lite:

  • Blazing fast and light weight!
  • Clean design
  • Material Design
  • Built with AngularJS 1.4
  • SCSS + Grunt + Bower = FTW
  • Blank project boilerplate for a clean start
  • ng-animate page transition for a great user experience
  • Bonus pages including 2 frontend examples
  • AngularJS Styleguide best practices


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