Mayweather vs Ortiz Replay Boxing Fights Knockout Video

Las Vegas, MGM Grand – Tonight, the world of Boxing saw the return of one of its most enigmatic figures as Floyd Mayweather jr. (42-0, 25KO’s) returned to deliver in a way that only he would: Controversial. Coming into the night, many questioned whether we would see the speed, defense, and reflexes that made him one of the perennial figures of this era.

He delivered, but unfortunately, it was what came behind it that had many fight fans and media walk away not-so-happy. After an entertaining 3 rounds and a 4th that began to heat up, Ortiz had Mayweather’s back to the ropes with no where to go. Frustrated from an inability to land a clean shot and a growing sense of discomfort, Ortiz would foul Mayweather with an intentional headbutt that cost him a point.

Mayweather Vs Ortiz Controversial Knokout match Photos

Mayweather vs Ortiz results

Mayweather vs Ortiz

Many questioned whether or not Mayweather’s veteran skills would be too much for Ortiz, and they were, but it wouldn’t materialize until Ortiz took the same dirty route his corner warned referee Joe Cortez of prior to the bout. The cheapshot Ortiz took against Mayweather cost him. Hence was the difference between he and the veteran, Mayweather took a ‘cheapshot’ that would ultimately pay him….in a grand way. Looking at referee Joe Cortez for sympathy after losing his cool, Ortiz would take his eyes off the cagey veteran for one split second, and that unfortunate lapse in judgment resulted in him never seeing Mayweather again in regulation, as the next thing he saw would be the roof of the MGM Grand Arena.

Floyd Mayweather beat Victor Ortiz on Saturday.

Mayweather Vs Ortiz Controversial Knokout match slide show Photos

Many remember Mayweather landing a similar shot on Mosley after things got hot, but it was nothing like the combo he landed to pull the plug tonight. Despite his undefeated record, seems Mayweather can’t win. Despite the fact that he landed the clean punches, and Ortiz was the one who initially fouled, it was Mayweather who was booed by the Mexican partisan crowd. The villain role has been one Mayweather has relished over the years. Hearing the boo birds rain down on his parade in the aftermath seemed more pleasing than painful, as the beaming smile of Mayweather lived to see another day.

It wasn’t the night many expected, but the outcome was. Mayweather got the nod he needed in a very veteran way against a young fighter with equal heart, and lesser (ring) intelligence. Morning began with hope and ambition, but at the end of the day, for Ortiz, there was a painful reminder of one of the most used phrases in the history of the sport: The first thing a cornerman tells his young pupil as an amateur is the last thing that pupil is told as a veteran in a mega fight:


Mayweather vs Ortiz Replay Boxing Fights Knockout Video

Mayweather vs Ortiz Boxing Fights Knockout and Post fight Interview video

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