Meganoid Game Review for iPhone and Android

Meganoid Game: Meganoid is the challenging arcade game for Android and iPhone developed by OrangePixel.

Meganoid is a brutal and fast paced platformer, each level taking under a minute to complete. The game graphically and thematically is paying homage to the retro games of the late 80’s and early 90’s.  The cute and appealing pixel art does the game wonders along with the games classicly retro midi music.

In Meganoid you play as a hero sent in by the military that is trying to thwart a hostile alien takeover.  The game consists of simply jumping through the levels to get from point A to point B, while avoiding hazards and killing any aliens that block your path.

While the game is brutally harsh in terms of instant death and tricky jumps, it is impulsive.  Rather like other new wave arcade platformers despite having a life limit there is no real punishment to death, if you die you can simply restart the level again. making the game all the more addictive.

Meganoid is the challenging arcade game for Android and iPhone

Meganoid is the challenging arcade game for Android and iPhone

Meganoid Android Game Pros & Cons:


  • Incredibly enjoyable 8bit platformer reminiscent of NES and Gameboy!
  • Support for touch screen controls, keypad, Xperia Play, accelerometer controls, and Wii Mote!
  • Almost 200 levels with all three characters!
  • Achievements and online leaderboard provided by OpenFeint!
  • Epic old school soundtrack and sound effects!
  • 2 unlockable characters and many secret zones in each level!


  • Graphics are old school. So what? They are supposed to be!
  • No vibration.
  • Tilt controls a little finicky to say the least.

Download Meganoid for Android

Download Meganoid for iOS

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