Micaela Schaefer Naked To Support Germany At Euro 2012

Of course these are pretty much NSFW pics of German model

Micaela Schaefer in bodypaint at the Brandenburg Gate to support her German national team in the Euro 2012, which opened this afternoon. Blah, blah, blah. Now, we know you guys think we’re just posting these photos because Micaela is pretty much naked. To the contrary! We want you to focus on everything in the photos besides Ms. Schaefer’s bodypaint.

Look at how cool Germany is with a naked model just being hot at the famed gate which used to separate East and West Berlin. It’s no big deal to have a hot chick just modeling her national colors and a couple soccer balls.

You do this in the U.S. and some prude would have your ass in court so fast you wouldn’t even have time to upload the pics to Instagram.

Kudos to you, Germany, for not getting all crazy over some bare ass at the Gate. It’s for the nation. It’s for the Euro 2012. One Nation. One Goal.

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