Users spend more time using mobile apps than the Internet

Chart Mobile application Vs Surfing the web

Mobile application Vs Surfing the web:

We now spend more time using mobile apps than on the Internet, according to a new research report from Flurry. The firm, which pulls its data from more than 85,000 applications, noted that in June 2011 the average person spent 81 minutes using mobile applications each day and just 74 minutes surfing the web.

That’s up from December, when the firm found that users spent more time surfing the web (70 minutes) than using mobile application (66 minutes). More surprisingly, it’s a 91% jump from last year when users spent just under 43 minutes using mobile application, versus 64 minutes spent surfing the web.

Flurry also found that mobile users spend 47% of their time playing games, 32% of their time browsing social networks, 9% reading the news, and 7% using other “entertainment” apps. Finally, the company said that 14 of the 74 minutes spent per day by consumers on the Internet is spent browsing Facebook.

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