Moderate Earthquake in Gorkha, Nepal Today

Disaster Report: Moderate earthquake of M 5 is felt today in Nepal at 5:30 local time November 13, 2011. Most of the people in Nepal were sleeping at this time.

Earthquake In Nepal November 13
M 4.2 5.0 Depth 34.5 km Gorkha, Nepal
5:30 local time November 13, 2011

UPDATE 6:10 UTC (local time 11:58 AM)
we are happy to write that till now we haven’t get report of any serious damage. The epicenter was just 40 km notheast of Gorkha district headquarter. So strong jolt was felt around that area. See below the “Felt Reports” that we received through our contact form.But still people are searching for the damage reports by this quake. we are still having lots of visitors on this blog from Kathmandu, Nepal.

UPDATE 5:05 UTC (local time 10:50 AM)
We are now getting flood of “Felt reports” through our contact form. Even from Dillibazar, Baluwatar of Kathmandu Nepal. Read the felt reports below that we received. Regarding the damage, No more reports flashed yet!! We are currently collecting more information. Keep Visiting for more updates.

Max. felt MMI in Kathmandu is II which indicates weak shaking. we have got some more felt reports on this quake from Pokhara and Gorkha,the western part of Nepal. Think a strong jolt is experienced in western part. Probably around pokhara and Gorkha area of Nepal. See the “Felt Reports” below.


epicenter area by google earth

It is less populated area and the depth is not so shallow, so we don’t expect much damage from this earthquake. But it is experienced in vast area in western and central Nepal.


The epicenter is in mountainous area near to Dharot, Nepal. It is close to Apung village. little far from Hotel Gorkha. Strong jolt is felt in that area. Look the google earth map aside for location. It is area where landslide is common.

M 5.0 moderate earthquake strike today morning in Nepal. The epicenter of this earthquake was in North Eastern part of Gorkha, Nepal. Some Seismological agencies are mentioning M 4.2 at 34.5 km depth.It was Sunday morning November 13 around 5:30 AM local time when this earthquake strike. It was felt in Kathmandu too. Most people don’t know as they were sleeping at that time.We have got some felt reports on this earthquake from capital city, Kathmandu. More reports yet to come.

“Felt Reports” that we received

Bhaktapur: I was being ready to go my college. I felt slight tremor lasted for about 2 seconds. Was that earthquake again?
Maitidevi : bihana jim garda halka ghar halliyo. feri bhukampa aayo jasto chha!!
Lakeside Pokhara: it lasted for 5-6 seconds. It shook my bed!!
Gorkha: My house shook but no any damage here.
Kathmandu: I suddenly woke up! slightly..but was small than what we felt some months ago. Thanks GOD
Patan, jawalakhel:windows shook!! Iwas being ready to go for morning walk
Baluwatar: The bed shaking woke me up at about 05:32 13/11/11. Top Floor of 3.
Gorkha: astinako bhanda danger thiyo ta!! jhandai ma bed bata ladeko….. scary!!
Pokhara: it was strong around 5:30 today!!
: slight lasted about 5 seconds. I was sleeping, my mother told this..
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