Music To Facebookers’ Ears: ‘Listen With’ Button Debuts In Chat Sidebar

Listen music With friends Facebook announced plans to crank up the musicby allowing users to listen to songs their friends are listening to, saying that it began rolling out the Listen With button today and will complete the task over the next few weeks.

The social network will add a Listen With button, which will allow users of music services aligned with Facebook — such as Spotify, Rdio, Earbits, MOG, and Slacker — to use those services to listen along with their friends.

The chat sidebar will highlight listening opportunities by including music notes next to notifications about friends listening to music.

Users will also be able to chat about the songs, and group listening will be available, allowing one Facebook user to serve as a DJ for a host of friends.

For those concerned about privacy or seeing their news feeds explode with music-related stories, Facebook outlined how permissions will work:

Only the people you’ve shared your listening activity with can see when you’re listening with a friend. You can control privacy settings in music apps when you install the app or on your app settings page after you’ve installed the app. You can also remove songs you listened to from your timeline on your private activity log.

The new button seems like follow-through on rumors that had circulated ahead of this fall’s f8 developer conference — people had postulated that Facebook would debut buttons labeled “read,” “watch” and “listen” — leading us to believe that “read with” and “watch with” might come next.

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